esca String Quartet


Esca quartet is composed of Edith, Sarah, Julie and Amélie. Four experienced musicians, passionate about their art and the pleasure of performing together. Founded in 2004, this dynamic string quartet is renowned for its performance and its rich repertoire, which goes from classic to popular music. What sets esca apart? A strong classical sound combined with great creativity and an undeniable presence on stage. The four musicians share a contagious energy as well as an immersive sound that wins the public every time. 
Esca… A fully feminine quartet. 
Regularly solicited to collaborate with popular artists, this union of four women, who are as different as they are complementary, enjoy performing on stage just as much as on television sets alongside renowned artists such as Jean Leloup, Ingrid St-Pierre, Diane Dufresne, Coeur de Pirate, Jean-Pierre Ferland, Half Moon Run and Harry Manx.  
The quartet can be heard on various popular albums, including Isabelle Boulay, Diane Tell, Nicolas Pellerin et les Grands Hurleurs, Les soeurs Boulay, Beyries, Pascale Picard, Cédrik St-Onge and Gabrielle Shonk.  

Esca is also known for its multiple creative and unique collaborations with local composers, such as François Vallières, Maxime Goulet, Antoine Gratton, Sébastien Lépine and Marc-André Landry. ​​

Their brand image is strong; their professionalism, involvement, rigour, great creativity and versatility makes the Quartet esca a reference in the Quebec musical scene.


Amélie Lamontagne et Édith Fitzgeral (violins), Sarah Martineau (viola) et Julie Dessureault (cello)


The Quatuor esca meets the distinguished pianist Amélie Fortin for a musical tête-à-tête. For esca, the idea behind a concert is to take the audience to unexpected places. Fragments offers an intimate experience that skillfully links together various musical styles. It represents a chance for us to invite you into our universe and to introduce you to the music that inhabits us. From Simon and Garfunkel to Gilles Vigneault and from Antonin Dvorak to many others, the original work Fragments by François Vallières will captivate you with its mysterious atmosphere and its unique energy. This concert shall move you in various ways. 

Playlist Fragments - Youtube​​​​​​