Pulsart Trio


Formed in the fall of 2016, Pulsart Trio is a Space Jazz ensemble composed of Olivier Madore-Millette (Organ and other keyboards), Jérémie Carrier (Vibraphone and percussion) and Simon Beauséjour Boudreault (Drums and percussion). An unusual mix of instruments, the group shares a common artistic outlook where music is synonymous with freedom, sharing and mutual listening.


In 2017, the group recorded and released Prologue, their first EP funded by Premiere Ovation and the Ampli de Québec. The band quickly gained notoriety on the Quebec City music scene, playing regularly in the city's bars and restaurants.


In the fall of 2018, the group became one of the few jazz bands selected to be part of the Volet Pro at the Ampli de Québec. Through this mentorship program, the trio worked on the professionalization of the group and its image. The grant accompanying this distinction was used to produce their first full-length album: Élévation.


In the fall of 2019, Pulsart Trio launched Élévation, a conceptual instrumental album paying tribute to 50 years of space exploration. Composed solely of original works, Élévation is comprised of 9 pieces symbolizing the beginning of a long intergalactic journey. From the
launch (Turbulence) to the outskirts of Jupiter, where the planets go from solid to gas (Phase Shift). Thanks to the originality of its compositions, the quality of its musical execution, as well as its ability to "elevate" its audience, the album received critical acclaim, and was named one of the 50 best albums of 2019 by Ici Musique. It was also nominated for Jazz Album of the Year at GAMIQ.

​Recently, the group released the Swing Theory EP (June 2020), a mini album recorded during a residency at La Chapelle Spectacle. Bringing together many of their Swing compositions with a playful and danceable feel, the album has been well received by critics and is regularly played on various radio stations, including Ici Musique. In addition to being the number 1 album on CKRL 89,1 for several weeks, it is currently nominated at the GAMIQ in the category Jazz Album of the Year. In 2021 the group takes home the grand prize at the Festijazz de Rimouski. This victory earns them a tour in the ROSEQ during the summer of 2022.​


​Vibraphone, Jérémie Carrier

Organ, Olivier Madore-Millette

Drum, Simon Beauséjour Boudreault


2021 - Award Winner Grand Prix de la Relève Festi Jazz - LOJIQ du Festi Jazz International de Rimouski

2020 and 2021 - Nominee at GAMIQ "Jazz album of the Year"