Théâtre À Tempo​


“Théâtre à Tempo” is a non-profit organization founded in Quebec City in 2008. Its mission is to create and produce high quality multidisciplinary shows. In all of its creations, the À Tempo team focuses on using rhythm and movement in an original way. A Tempo also reserves a privileged place for clownish play, circus and body percussion in every one of its productions.

All the À tempo shows rely on a similar creation process: the writing of original scenarios, the search for characters (comic, most of the time, but also touching and sensitive) and the music and sound effects composition based on a unique quest for unconventional instruments such as kitchen tools, toys, and many other objects.

Thanks to the generous support of the “Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec”, Québec City’s “Service de la Culture” and several other partners, the “Théâtre À Tempo” is proud to have produced shows that can be presented in theatres, street shows, festivals or any other type of event.


Two eccentric scientific musicians discover the perfect subjects for their latest research project, clownishly serious. Three wild and crazy characters become guinea pigs for a battery of tests measuring the effect of sounds and rhythms on the human race. From tiny musical instruments to great physical achievements, La Grande Étude surprises and seduces everyone.


  • ​Winner of the Développement international Ville de Québec prize (Quebec City’s international development prize) at the Bourse Rideau in 2011.
  • Winner of the RIDEAU ROSEQ prize in 2010​


August 2019 - ​China 

Fall of 2019 - Mexico