Sébastien Lépine​


Having established an enviable reputation over the past twenty years, Sébastien Lépine is a standout cellist in Canada, owing, among other things, to his unique musical concepts. His secret lies in placing utmost importance on his audience by offering truly authentic concert initiatives. Practicing his art with obvious sincerity, Lépine stands out as a passionate performer with a strong desire to breathe new life into classical music. 

A former student of the late Janos Starker, a cello virtuoso that was indispensable to his musical development, Sébastien Lépine has received high praise from critics and audiences alike for his recordings as well as his many performances in Canada and abroad. He is also one of the lucky few in the world to play on a Stradivarius cello (courtesy of Canimex).
As passionate as he is audacious, Lépine is offering a new project for solo cello and string quartet, which is sure to delight your audiences!


  • ​Concerts à la carte
  • Imaginations 5.1 (cello solo & String Quartet)
  • Cellist
  • Chamber musician & soloist
  • Composer/arranger
  • Conductor
  • Cello and chamber music teacher
  • Master classes


  • ​2012 Gala Arts Excellence Award Winner «Bareil-Lépine» project
  • 2007 Grands Prix culturels de Trois-Rivières Award Winner | «Bareil-Lépine Project» 
  • Nominee - 2008 Opus Award Album «Bareil-Lépine»​
  • Imagination IV, Lépine
  • Imagination III, Lépine
  • Eternal Vow, Tan Dun
  • It Takes One To Tango, Balmages