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He breaths new life into classical music

« An impeccable version which gained not only the confidence of the assistants but also a lot of applauses. An absolute success... » Claridades, México « Fiery, alive, inflamed but also tender and passionate. » La Scena Musicale “This musical concept is a one of a kind, and the performance was delivered with grace, finesse, and boldness in a welcoming atmosphere. The audience was truly delighted.” Jacques Pineau, Spect’Art Rimouski

This multimedia performance—featuring projections of pictorial works and videos—takes the 
audience on a long and fascinating crescendo of musical thrills!Showcasing all their talent, energy and synergy, SÉBASTIEN LÉPINE and 4AILES STRING QUARTET present a program of original works for solo cello and string quartet, paying a unique tribute to one of Quebec’s most important painters, Ozias Leduc. Combining tango with the classical suite as well as Chinese, Jewish and Anglo-Saxon folk music, IMAGINATIONS 5.1 features SÉBASTIEN LÉPINE’s remarkable arrangements for this unusual instrumentation. The concert will also include Sébastien’s composition Imaginations, which was inspired by Leduc’s homonymous series of drawings and commissioned to celebrate the 150 th anniversary of his birth.

Having established an enviable reputation over the past fifteen years, Sébastien Lépine is a standout cellist in Canada, owing, among other things, to his unique musical concepts. His secret lies in placing utmost importance on his audience by offering truly authentic concert initiatives. Practicing his art with obvious sincerity, Lépine stands out as a passionate performer with a strong desire to breathe new life into classical music. 

A former student of the late Janos Starker, a cello virtuoso that was indispensable to his musical development, Sébastien Lépine has received high praise from critics and audiences alike for his recordings as well as his many performances in Canada and abroad. He is also one of the lucky few in the world to play on a Stradivarius cello (courtesy of Canimex).

As passionate as he is audacious, Lépine is offering a new project for solo cello and string quartet, which is sure to delight your audiences!

United States / March 2017
America / Season 2017-2018
Other territories / To be discuss

Worldwide except United States
United States : Siegel Artist Management www.siegelartist.com

2012 Gala Arts Excellence Award Winner | «Bareil-Lépine» project
2007 Grands Prix culturels de Trois-Rivières Award Winner | «Bareil-Lépine Project»
Nominee - 2008 Opus Award Album | «Bareil-Lépine»

Outstanding projects

  • Imaginations 5.1, (New project for Cello solo and String Quartet)
  • Bareil-Lépine (Soaring Strings and Mist)
  • Soloist with orchestra (works for Electric Cello or Standards)
  • SLP
  • Recital piano-cello

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Imagination No.4 from S. Lépine - Images Patrick Péris


Imaginations 5.1 promo video | Sébastien Lépine & 4Ailes String Quartet


 Introduction to Imaginations 5.1

Kol Nidrei, Max Bruch (with Arturo Nieto-Dorantes in piano)

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EPK | Imaginations 5.1 (Sebastien Lepine & 4ailes String Quartet) Tech Rider | Imaginations 5.1 (Sebastien Lepine & 4ailes String Quartet)